SEPTEMBER 24th 2013
Review by Ruben Mosqueda

Canada’s Deathpoint unleashed their sophomore album titled Sinister. You’re probably not familiar with this act from the great white north---neither was I until the record arrive in my mailbox. Deathpoint aren’t doing anything that could be considered groundbreaking or innovative. Their contemporary metal influences can be heard throughout Sinister and they are okay with that. There’s certainly an audience for a nu-metal act that was spawned by such acts as; Disturbed, Fear Factory, Korn, Godsmack and Slipnot.

One thing you can’t accuse Deathpoint of being is ‘too light.’ As the record progresses the tunes get heavier and heavier. The guitar riffs are damn memorable and are the trademark of this band. The vocals leave more to be desired as it’s more ‘growling’ than actual singing which isn’t for everyone.  Sinister is an independently released record that I could easily see being reissued by a major independent label that would give it a nice push and get these guys on people’s radar. The standout tracks on the record are; “Remission,” “Lost Haven,” and “Condemned to Suffer;” while Deathpoint didn’t knock it out of the park on their second time at bat they did hit a double.