NOVEMBER 28th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

The Invisible Orange brought in Belphegor to annihilate the Rickshaw Theatre on Tuesday, Nov 28, with a few guests.

Yes, it was a Tuesday, but it was a sad show of support for these hell raisers. I am guessing maybe 150 – 200 were there. I know a lot of people love Belphegor so thought it would be pretty full. I know when doors opened, there were 10 people in line. Yes, I know there was another show in town, but to me, NOT competition for the almighty Death Black Metal crusaders.

So, tonight openers are Kafirun, these black metallers hail from our very own Vancouver. Plus, they are fairly new on the underground scene, having only sprung to life in 2014. Still not sure what to think about the band, the singer wears a long sort of sack covering his face, not sure what that represents, the others don’t have anything out of the ordinary in what they wear. Musically, it wasn’t too bad, vocals, well I do like to hear what they are singing. So maybe not my cup of black metal. But they gave it their all for the people there. Checking around the room, the people were enjoying. No moshing, so that was a bonus.

Next is Panzerfaust, another black metal band out of Toronto, Ontario. These guys have been around since 2005. Again, sorry, not my taste in the black metal realm of things. The singer had a pedestal that he stood behind and growled and made some noises, but nothing that really caught my attention to continue to watch or listen. The crowd loved them though. That is what it is all about anyway. What the people in the crowd want.

Next is Cryptopsy, an extreme technical death metal band out of Montreal, Quebec. Okay, now we are getting somewhere, extreme, technical, I don’t care what you call them, they had my attention, definitely enjoyed their set. Saw a few of their t-shirts around, so you know they had some fans in the crowd. Great energy on stage. Last time I didn’t enjoy their music at all, but this time around, whether my taste has changed, or they were just that much better, either way, it was fantastic to see them up on stage with the crowd thoroughly enjoying every minute.

Next, now these European Hell Raisers of Belphegor, released a torrential onslaught of hellish nightmare upon Vancouver. This was the band to see tonight, and who actually I came to see, didn’t care about any others, because I know when Belphegor hits that stage, you know what you are going to get, and it is delivered full force. Sometimes I forget just how good these guys are. Many of you know me, know that I am not a big black death metal fan. But give me someone who has the talent, the knowledge on how to create such music, and I am there. This tour was in support of their latest album Totenritual, do you have it, well why not, if you were at the show, you know this is one you need to have. After watching these guys play, you can understand why they are headliners. They are intense, epic, full of blasphemy, what a hellish evil would sound like. They grab hold of you by the throat and don’t let go. Saw them last year, and I thought they were better then, but holy crap, they are even better this time around. I also like that they move around, they don’t just stand in one spot, giving the fans a look at what they do up there. A great variety of songs were played. Moshing of course happened, I stood out of the way, it was pretty intense, as it should be. Belphegor is not one to be missed, they leave a trail of destruction behind them as they move across North America. Even with all the touring they have been doing, Europe and here, they still kicked ass up there.

Remaining dates:
01.12 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret
03.12 Joliet, IL - The Forge
04.12 Detroit, MI - Harpo's
05.12 Toronto, ON - Mod Club
06.12 Ottawa, ON - Maverick's
07.12 Quebec City, QC - Le Cercle
08.12 Montreal, QC - Corona Theatre
09.12 Rouyn, QC - Scène Évolu-Son