JANUARY 14th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

Track Listing:

1. MMM
2. Happiness (Is for People That Cant Stand Being Miserable)
3. All the Way
4. Got Feelings
5. Alone
6. Slightly
7. Done Gone Stupid
8. Full of It
9. Hang On
10. Logical Thoughts of a Lunatic
11. Who’s Next?
12. What It is
13. Slo Death
14. So What (If We Don’t Care)

First, I have never heard of Cyco Miko before. But you know that I give everyone a listen or two then give my opinion, which is just that , “my” opinion.

This project CYCO MIKO, is from the mind of Cyco of Suicidal Tendencies / Infectious Grooves and he is about to take us on a 63 minutes journey into his world. Also on this CD is guest appearances by Robert Trujillo (now with Metallica), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise) and Brooks Wackerman (ex ST/IG). This album also features new, original and previously unreleased tracks from Suicide Tendencies / Infectious Grooves and Cyco Mike.

First I have to say I am sorry, I didn’t like it. It was too long, really could have made just one with all new original songs, really didn’t need to take from all different bands and mash them together. Each band is their own and should be kept that way. I tried numerous times to listen, I tried to like it, really I did. But I just didn’t like the different variety to each song, one especially where it sounded more like a country song, then punk, it was as if they were trying to fit all the genres into one album. There was a few good songs, yes, but 14 tracks and only a couple of worthwhile songs isn’t worth it for me. I think that it would have been better received if there was more of one genre sound, not a mixture. But like I said….just my opinion.