NOVEMBER 24th 2013

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with CrystalNight, a band out of Zhitomir, Ukraine. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

How did you come up with the name CrystalNight, what kind of meaning does it have for you ?

We thought long and hard over the name of the band . It just happened successful combination from two nice ideas .

In 2005, Max and Leo got acquainted in one of the local biker's rallies, what made them decide to form a band ?

First of all, we were music professionals in style what was interesting for us . And it was a rarity for the place from where we are.

How did each member come to be in the band?

Max and Leo, being guitarists, began to pick up musicians stuff, that will eventually change. And in the process developed. there are only three members of the band that doesn’t change, Mary (Maha), Lio and Max .

What made you play Symphonic Prog Metal instead of rock or metal ?

From the beginning we started playing music easier. Over time, we began to gain more experience, and the musicians had more skills. So we started to play this style Symphonic Prog Metal.

You are moving over to the U.S.A. , why did you decide to make this move, is it much easier to get noticed in the United States , more so than in Ukraine ?

Of course it's much easier to get noticed in the United States , more than in Ukraine, it's the main reason.

Is it an easy process to move everyone over to the USA to have your band ?

 Not really. I'm sure it's not an easy process to move everyone over to the USA . It's a long and very hard way . But we firmly and confidently on this way.

When you were growing up, and in school, did you take any musical classes to help you in your band ?

For myself (Mary), I can say that I finished music school and music college (in class piano) about another member of our band they also have music education . Our drummer he has education from the music conservatory . Our guitar player also has a music education.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to. I know a lot of metal bands listen to many different kinds of music. What are your choices ?

I can say that every member of our band likes classical music . And of course each of us has their own preferences in other musical styles. We are listening from death metal music to the club music. The main thing, that it was qualitatively and musically.

Is being in a band something that you have always dreamed of doing ?

Of course to be rich, famous, and have a lot of female fans. ( Lio and Max say ) hahaha

Metal Messiah label USA is your label, how did you hook up with them ?

I was the band manager. And I found a person from this label he liked our music. And we began to cooperate.

It must be hard having to leave your friends/family back in the Ukraine…are they supportive of this move for the band ?

In general, we do not rule out the opportunity to return home to Ukraine. And for this, we do not take it seriously.

Where will you be calling home when you make the move over to the USA ?

We didn't even guess yet.

Are you excited or nervous about the move over ?

Of course we are, it's very exciting for us.

Do you have any memorable times, something that stands out the most about being in a band ?

We have several of these times. Some of them during the show, and some of them during our tour traveling.

When you come to the USA, will you be working on an album ?

Of course we will do it , we have a lot of music material in our perspectives .

When you write a song, do you have something in mind, that inspires you ?

We have no common theme songs. so it's hard to say what we think of all the songs at once. To answer this question correctly, need to consider each song individually.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success in your move .