AUGUST 27th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

Record Label - GMR Music Group/Nuclear Blast USA

First let me introduce you to the 4 Swedish ladies who make up this band, in case you are not aware, as this is the first album of theirs to surface state side, we have Mia Coldheart (vocals, guitar), Klara Force (guitar, backing vocals), Ida Evileye on bass and on drums with backing vocals there is Nicki Wicked.

The Midnight Chase was recorded at the legendary Music-A-Matic studio in Gothenburg, with sound engineer Henryk Lipp and producer Chips Kiesby. Here are the 11 tracks with a NA bonus:

 1.  The Crucifier
 2.  Shut Your Mouth
 3.  Into The Fire
 4.  Rules And Bones
 5.  Everything We Need
 6.  If I hide
 7.  Rock Me Like The Devil
 8.  Kid From The Upperclass
 9.  The Midnight Chase
10. Count Me In
11. Rise And Shine
12.  Acid Rain

They originated from Stockholm in 1998. Originally they were called punk, but took a different turn and became hard rock. I am not sure I would call them that, because after listening to this album, it seems that it  brings in a lot of different genres to the pool. They are not afraid to put thrash, pop, punk, rock and metal into one big pot and have it come out with some great songs. The catchy guitar riffs have the formula that gives each song their framework, the bass fulfills the anchor to each of their songs, the drummer generates the rhythmic development of the blasts, now lets not forget the savage and at the same time melodic vocals. CRUCIFIED BARBARA has the right combination of members and talent to go forth and conquer the music scene, no matter the genre. It’s the kind of music you put on at a party, and you know everyone will have a great time, its music you can put on when you are travelling a long boring road, and your mood just picks right up and you enjoy the trip.  You really need to give this a listen, there is a lot of talent here and it shows.