SEPTEMBER 30th 2017

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Well it took a long time to get down to Tacoma (from Vancouver, BC) to cover this show, was it worth it, oh you bet it was. Especially since this was my first experience seeing the Scorpions perform. Plus, I was actually given a review ticket, which never happens at the bigger venues, so I appreciated this opportunity a whole lot. Thank you.

First up tonight is MEGADETH, who I had seen last September with Amon Amarth in Seattle. I knew what to expect. There is mega production, huge screen in back. I think what I enjoyed the most about this one was the fact the drummer Dirk Verbeuren was up higher on a platform, where you could actually witness the phenomenal drum blasts he cranks out. Also, once again, the energy level is high because of “Kiko”, a true master of the shred,  hair whirling, moving around the stage, a needed addition to Megadeth. Great to watch. A lot of variety in the songs they played, and some the crowds were over the top enthusiastic for. My only problem was with those huge screens and so much going on, I ended up watching that instead of the band, so it kind of took away from them on stage. During the set, Dave Mustaine said he heard they were tearing down the Tacoma Dome, good he said, they have lousy sound system anyway. I think he could have kept that to himself. Looking around the venue though, people were up out of their seats, singing, cheering and all around enjoying the marvelous set they executed.

Okay, the headliners, now at my age, you would have thought I had seen them long before now. Well I haven’t, and regretting that now. SCORPIONS, hit the stage with a bang. Talk about a finely-tuned instrument, these guys nailed it. They played a variety of songs, at which I sang along to most of them. What I loved, was the fact, that yes, those big monster screens were there, but so were they, larger than life, for all to see. What a magnificent idea, especially for those at the back, giving us all something real and an amazing memory to take away with. The energy level was high too, younger bands could take a lesson from them. 😉 I am still in awe, and usually I look around the room to see how people are reacting, didn’t care this time. I was too focused watching and appreciating the talent behind these men up there. They really put everything into their set. And it was pure ecstasy to watch. Whether they played The Zoo, Rock n Roll band, drum solos, they were truthfully over the top in their performance. And .. their classics stand through time. Scorpions still rock, just look around the room (I had to look) when they played “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, the fans were crazy for it. I hope they don’t stop touring, I still want to see more. Absolutely amazing set, so talented, and loved the energy. Went home singing their songs. Thank you so much for coming, and allowing me to review, I will remember this for a very long time.