JANUARY 11th 2012


Review By: YouFO

Band Members:

Nox - vocals
John - lead guitar
Joakim - guitar and random noise

Genre - Black Metal / Rock

Hometown - Sweden

6 Long years in anticipation waiting for something new from Craft. Was it worth the wait, yes for sure. CRAFT originally started back in 1994 with the name Nocta, but in 1997 changed their name to CRAFT. They are musically inspired on the black metal side by the likes of Burzum and Darkthrone, and by heavy metallers Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost. Now there is nothing wrong with having those kinds of influences then adding your own distinct sound and lyrics into the element.

The guitar riffs are distinguishing, from the slow solos, to the catchy rhythmic to some evil massive buzz saws. Drums seem to be the filler, or maybe what completes to rounding off of their sound. Vocals, well they are for sure, ones that fit the hateful lyrics, and deep growls sound like he is angry about telling their story. They are truly an old traditional black metal but have a much better production to it. I don’t need to say a lot , fans, true fans, already know CRAFT, but I do need to say this was a much better CD , one that I am sure everyone is going to enjoy. So get out there and purchase yours and start enjoying.

1. Intro (John’s Nightmare)
2. Serpent Soul
3. Come Resonance of Doom
4. The Ground Surrenders
5. Succumb to Sin
6. Leaving the Corporal Murder
7. I want to Commit Murder
8. Bring on the Clouds
9. Void