AUGUST 17th 2012

Review by: YouFO

As Gwar is one of my favourite bands, this was a tad hard to do, as Cory (aka  Flattus Maximus) passed away November 3, 2011, and still is in our thoughts.  “When Worlds Collide” is a solo project from Cory, with some of his friends in Gwar and Municipal Waste. More important with this cd, is the fact that all proceeds are going to the SMOOT FAMILY. That in itself is worthy of the purchase. So don’t be a D.Bag and download it or steal it from somewhere. Some respect and go out and purchase it.

 1. The Blood Red
 2. Fortunate Sun
 3. Religion is Fiction
 4. Rebirth
 5. Brainfade
 6. Mandatory Purgatory
 7. Countdown to Oblivion
 8. The Gauntlet
 9. When Worlds Collide
10. Mutilation
11. Hollow Tree
12. Scott Loves Chunk

Musically, its great, and of course the guitar riffs are amazing, and they should be,  its what Cory is known for. But the rest fits into each and every song as if it’s a puzzle being put together. Cory doing vocals?  Why not, they actually sound pretty good, some are clean and some sound like they were done in layers, I think it makes for an interesting album, it was something that he wanted to do, and he did it, you can hear a lot of different styles here, a little progressive maybe, some dark sides, and just plain old good heavy metal. I personally enjoyed this album.

Now please,  all proceeds go to the Smoot family, so lets go buy this album “When Worlds Collide” and show our support to Cory, who was taken from us way too early.