MARCH 25th 2012

Review by Metal Mom

Genre:Hard rock / hardcore / metal / punk rock

Band members -
Woody Weatherman - guitar
Mike Dean - bass, vocals
Reed Mullin - drums, vocals

Newest release from CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is a self titled Cd that was recorded at Dave Grohl’s studio 606 in Los Angeles. It was produced by the band and John Custer, and mixed by John Lousteau (Foo Fighters). There are 11 tracks on this CD:

1. Physhic Vampire
2. River of Stone
3. Leeches
4. El Lamento de las Cabras
5. You Tomorrow
6. The Doom
7. The Moneychangers
8. Newness
9. What we Become
10. Rat City
11. Time of Trials

This CD began after a 5 year hiatus, 3 members formed this band back in 1982 , so 30 years of music, decided to gather at Weathermans farm in Virginia and cultivate a new sound that is tried and true rock/hardcore but doesn’t depict their past. This is a comeback album, but the first for me, so I am not going to compare their past to their newest release. Its all about this one. Its seems a lot of bands are doing the comeback thing, and after half a decade, its now COC’s turn. From what I have listened to, the guitar riffs remind me of the older rocker days, they nailed it down. There are times when they exert their punk side, and well sorry, not a punk fan, I must preferred the rocker style than the fast as you can go punk. Saying that, I still enjoyed something in each song because the punk didn’t last the whole way through. River of Stone, their 2nd on the album, probably is my favourite, I loved the way in came in, great hardcore speed, but it all flowed together smoothly and with rhythm, the guitar work is bad ass too. The drums of course are smooth, whether fast or slow, and the vocals are what create their unique sound. Even though I am not a fan of punk, it wouldn’t stop me from having this one in my collection.