JULY 16th 2013

Review By: Metal Mom

Genre: Doom / Death Metal

Band Members:
Koreeda - bass/vocals
Ryo - vocals
Uchino - guitars
Satoshi - drums

Formed - 1996
Origin: Japan (Tokyo, Kanto)

Format: 10 inch Record
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Release Date: August 20, 2013

COFFINS make a successful appearance to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for a special, one time only pressing of "Colossal Hole" on limited, deluxe edition 10" vinyl! This nasty release features raw pre-production demo tracks from their Relapse Records debut "The Fleshland", and was at one time only available as a limited cassette direct from the band. "Colossal Hole" is Coffins in their most exceptional form...even more heavy and more punishing than ever before.

This restricted edition features cover artwork by Uchino himself and hand numbered to 500 copies pressed on 45 RPM Black Night vinyl, packaged with a set of two horror movie style vomit/barf bags (just in case), complimented by a pair of numbered collectable event style tickets.

Pure pulverizing, more terrifying Doom-infested Death Metal for fans of Abscess, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Venom and Winter.

In 2013 the band releases their full length “The Fleshland”. But before this happens Horror Pain Gore Death Production decided to test the water and give us a little grabber by means of a 3 track demo named “Colossal Hole”, which is composed of pre-production versions of 3 tracks that would be on “The Fleshland”. I am not a big fan of doom, but this had some definite groove and crushing heavy old school metal influences that made it much more enjoyable.

Track Listing:
1. Hellbringer
2. No Saviour
3. Colossal Hole

At times it reminded me of other well known bands but much heavier. Ryo has some very intense low throaty vocals to compliment the force of this EP. Drumming was intense and driven, guitars were what I would expect to hear from this type of band, all in all, I found this to be an exemplary EP, and am now looking forward to the release of their full length “The Fleshland”.

Take note:
WARNING: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Coffins assume no responsibility for health problems that may arise while entering the Colossal Hole... No Saviour can rescue you from the Hellbringer.

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