MARCH 16th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Zak Stevens – Vocals
Mitch Stewart – Bass/Vocals
Bill Hudson – Guitars/Vocals
Christian Wentz – Guitars/Vocals
Henning Wanner – Keyboards/Vocals
Adam Sagan – Drums

Hometown - Tampa Bay, Florida

Genre - Rock/Heavy Metal/ Progressive

Armoury Records, in conjunction with Hamburg, Germany-based earMUSIC, will release the 6th studio album from Florida based CIRCLE II CIRCLE this winter. Led by former Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens, the 12-track Seasons Will Fall promises to be the band’s strongest album to date both musically and sonically blending Stevens’ history and unique “Savatage style” with the fresh sounds he’s meticulously developed with CIIC — a commanding fusion of metal and hard rock, powered by his passionate melodic rock vocals. From the howling guitar riffs of “Diamond Blade” and “Killing Death” to the energetic sound of “Never Gonna Stop,” the album contains everything you want from a heavy rock album.

Formed back in 2001, CIRCLE II CIRCLE has released 5 albums to date evolving into something more powerful with each album without sacrificing the sounds the fans around the world have grown to admire. The turning point for CIIC came in 2012 with their  performance at Germany’s Wacken Open Air Festival, playing “The Wake of Magellan” in its entirety. What followed, was a sold-out European club tour with full European jaunt set to follow in 2013.

Zak comments of the new label home and forthcoming full-length: “With earMUSIC releasing our sixth album, we are exactly where we need to be at this point in our career. We have the right album along with a fantastic new label. The timing of all this will take the upcoming world tour to an entirely new level. We are very much looking forward to the release of Seasons Will Fall. This is an album that will strongly define the identity and place of hard rock and heavy metal music in the world today.”
 1. Diamond Blade
 2. Without A Sound
 3. Killing Death
 4. Epiphany
 5. End Of Emotion
 6. Dreams That Never Die
 7. Seasons Will Fall
 8. Never Gonna Stop
 9. Isolation
10. Sweet Despair
11. Downshot
12. Only Yesterday

After listening to each and every one of the twelve tracks I can justly say, this rocks. Whether is a full on invasion or a artistic ballad, this is a forceful album, one that you can rock out to, whether you are driving, talking a walk, working, it has everything you could possibly want. Zaks vocals are melodic and powerful, what you would expect from a classic old school power/metal vocalist. The drums range from slow melodic to mid paced, keyboards add to the darkness of the songs, the bass thunders through your veins, and the guitar riffs are energetic, getting that blood pumping. There is no filler on this CD. Its full of compelling music that commands your attention, and has you drumming your feet, or hands, or moving your head to that constant beat. This, trust me, is everything you want in a heavy rock CD.

You need to have this one in your collection. There is so much talent from each and every member of this band, and they have succeeded in putting together a powerhouse. Just go get it, you won’t be disappointed.