APRIL 10th, 2014

Review By: Metal Mom

CHRON GOBLIN comes out of Calgary, Alberta, best known for the Calgary Stampede, a 10 day event called the greatest outdoor show on earth. So what do we expect from Chron Goblin, well some good rocking music of course. If that is what you expect, they deliver just that. Since they formed back in 2009, it seems they have an EP and an album “One Million From The Top” and now under their belts is this addition “Life for the Living”.  

Track Listing:

 1. Deserter
 2. Dry Summer
 3. Lonely Prey
 4. Big Baby
 5. Give No More
 6. Anesthetize
 7. Life for the Living
 8. Blood Flow
 9. Control
10. Any Day

Band Members:

Josh Sandulak (vocals)
Devin Purdy (guitar)
Richard Hepp (bass)
Brett Whittingham (drums)

I heard that it was more a stoner / sludge album, which I am not a fan of, but throw in some rock, and you have caught my attention. Making this album exclusively individual. But not to worry, there is some stoner/sludge captured here too. Listening to this album, I could just imagine the fun these guys had putting it together. Yes, fun, because that is how you feel after listening to these 10 tracks.

There are some slower songs, some gnarly bass, and some great drumming on here, giving the fans a variety, and that’s what I enjoyed the most. A lot of times the bands have the songs sound similar, because it’s what they did on the last album which was a success, but it shows that Chron Goblin are not afraid to promote their unique style.

Banjo, mouth organ, did I hear right, I sure did, let me just say, don’t be put off by that, because you will be missing out on something that you need to hear. I found it really enjoyable, and I listened a few times. Being that I review mostly death metal and such, this was just something out of the ordinary. And it’s different, and it’s done well. Vocals just put the finishing touches on this album. Don’t get me wrong, there is still some metal riffs here to be heard, but mix it with their rock, blues, stoner, and you have something that can’t quite be put into one slot of genre. Which I am glad. It was a real pleasure to review this album. It has the right groove, the right momentum to make you move, to enjoy no matter what it is you are doing.  Oh, and almost forgot, there is just a hint of some thrash here too.

I am glad that I was asked to review “Life For The Living”, because indeed this album is made for those living. Check it out. If you are a true death metal fan, you might not enjoy, but please, at least give it a listen, and don’t be afraid to say you enjoyed it. There is something here that is worth the listen.