JULY 22nd 2013

Debut albums that blow your mind, always a pleasure. Chosen is a death metal duo hailing from the faraway lands of Ireland. Their 9-track album “Resolution” is a solid piece that might actually stand as one of the best debut albums of the year. Formed in 2005, the guys are obviously not new to the metal scene and I guarantee this can be heard on this release, as it is very professional and demonstrates top-notch musicianship.

First of all, to explain why my brains are blown away, this is a sort of melodic yet crushing death metal with a strong progressive side and good hooks. I was actually looking for a new album this year that would combine these elements of the genre, and I think I found just what I was looking for.

It’s quite a compelling listen, from start to finish. There are elements of extreme heaviness brilliantly blended with melodic moments, whether they are mellow passages or rampant leads. It surprises, it flows rapidly and naturally without being overcomplicated and without requiring a huge effort on the listener’s side, provided you are already quite familiar with some progressive metal.  In between syncopations and breakdowns you find some great melodic lines contrasting the dark, intense atmosphere.  

Some songs do accentuate the heavy side, some - the progressive, technical one. The overall pace is quite fast and convulsive. I particularly liked the parts where the proggy moments dissolve into furiously–paced rhythms.  Nice dissonances are like the spice of riffing here. Where they appear, the soft, prog-style clean vocals mix well over very heavy riffs and the galloping rhythms. The guitar leads are sharp and melodic and will surely remind you of a few of your guitar idols – no names given, listen and find out. Apart from that, watch for the fiddle…. an unexpected (Ok not THAT unexpected) appearance for an added eerie effect but surely very effective.

Songs to remember: Diminishment, Asch’s Paradigm, The Narcissism Epidemic

To think only two guys have created this, I can only bow and praise their twisted minds. I love what they have done here and I highly recommend it to all fans of extreme metal. There’s something here for everyone, you have your desired levels of aggressiveness and then added musicianship that makes everything much more captivating and, warning, possibly addictive.