JUNE 18th 2013

Review by YouFO

Coming to a store near you:
Europe- June 7
UK- June 10
US/Canada- June 11

This record is CHILDREN OF BODOM’S 8th studio album, and being distributed by Nuclear Blast Records.  Are you ready?

Band Members -
Alexi Laiho (guitars & vocals)
Jaska Raatikainen (drums)
Henkka Blacksmith (bass)
Janne Warman (keyboards)
Roope Latvala (guitars)

This is as solid a melodic death metal as you are going to get. As many know they formed in 1993 in Finland, and have a reputation that precedes any of their new releases. Its Bodom, you know what to expect, addictive chorus’s, melodic paths, and some amazing kick ass guitar work. It’s dark and maybe just a little black metalish.

Halo of Blood Track listing:
Waste Of Skin
Halo Of Blood
Scream For Silence
Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)
Your Days Are Numbered
Dead Man's Hand On You
Damage Beyond Repair
All Twisted
One Bottle And A Knee Deep

First track starts as you would expect a Bodom song to start off, but the 2nd song in, some crazed heavy sounds can be heard. Like I said, its Bodom through and through, you won’t be disappointed, its their style, their signature sound, with a little more updated versions to be heard here as well. Also this time around they threw something different into the mix…probably their slowest ever song, with whispered vocals. Yes, its different in spots, but a good mix all together.

I enjoyed reviewing this album, it's definitely a Bodom album, one that the fans are going to appreciate. When it comes out in a town near you, get yourself a copy.