DECEMBER 28th 2018
Review by Metallic Barbie
Photos by Peter Ruttan


After 45 years in the business, rocking faces around the world, Cheap Trick proved they’ve still got it on Friday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam.  Though a paltry fan showing for such an iconic band, Robin Zander (lead vocals, guitar), Tom Petersson (bass), Daxx Nielsen (drums, percussion), Rick Nielsen (guitar) and an additional guitarist did not let it get them down.  They punctuated their set with cheeky remarks and jokes about age and getting older: which very much appealed to the baby boomer crowd.

They were anything but aging rockers on stage, and impressed with stellar musicianship, girthy vocals, and even some gravity-defying plyometrics (despite the arthritis and undoubtable back issues).  Cheap Trick tore through their 1970s and -80s hits, knocking off sing-a-longs like “Dream Police”, “Voices”, “Big Eyes”, “I Want You To Want Me”, and “Ain’t That A Shame”, but also dabbled in newer tunes like “The In Crowd”.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-ers boasted many excessively strung instruments (I’m talking not only 12 string acoustics and electrics, but also the Peterssen-pioneered 12-string bass) and tossed handfuls of guitar pics and records to the adoring fans.  We were privy to elongated solos, sequined accessories, and the checkered 5-neck guitar featured on the cover of Cheap Trick’s self-titled 1997 album.

The band cleaned up with a 3-song encore which capped with the appropriate “Goodnight Now”, leaving the crowd hoping for more.   If you’ve caught a Cheap Trick show in the past, this tour would not disappoint: dripping with nostalgia and oozing classic good time rock’n’roll, one could easily overlook the early evening and satisfactorily hit the hay with sugared rockstars dancing in head.