OCTOBER 7th 2012
Review By: Metal Mom

Hey Metalheads, well this band is new to me, and it seems to be a fairly new creation that formed out of Paris, France in 2011, and I don’t have any idea of what to expect.  They have labelled their music as metal deathcore / hardcore band, with a little melodic fixed in. So going to shut all things down, and see what I think. Here goes.

Band Members:

Christopher Rousseau (vocals)
Jean-Philippe Porteux (guitar)
Dimitri Merly (guitar)

The artwork was done by 3mmi Design. Eleven was mixed and mastered by Andrew Gvillotin. This should be released in 2012, no official date yet.

8 tracks:
1. Cult of Blood
2. This Day is Red
3. Betrayer
4. Divine Vengeance
5. Bloodstained Hate
6. Nacon
7. Worshiping Death
8. Eleven

First off, excellent vocals, the ones you will enjoy, the deep guttural metal ones. The music aspect is fitting to the vocals. It was enjoyable to listen to, and a really great job for the first time around for CHABTAN. The lyrics are based on Meso-American mythology. They have done their homework and know what works for crowds. So when this comes out, I think you will find it’s a good listen.