MAY 5th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Saturday night, so the weekend, and what better way to spend it than at a show, with all Vancouver talent, plus at the Red Room in Vancouver.

First up tonight is FALLEN STARS, with James Weekes who has played in many bands, is a trained sound engineer. Rose Weekes is the vocalist, Aaron Webb is lead guitarist and Dave Keske on rhythm, and finally Danny Sever is the drummer. This band has only been around since 2015. They have one album under their belt. They obviously had some fans in the house, who were there in total support.

Up next is one of Vancouver’s Melodic Rock/Metal bands TOUCH THE SUN. Never heard of these 3 musicians before, but they really wow'd me, a lot of talent here. They started up around 2010, where have I been, don't know. They are bang on rock in my opinion, and Alex, oh boy can he sing, he has a multitude of ranges, and if you close your eyes, his voice sounds like many well-known artists. Russ, the bassist, had that beast thundering, and he sang some backup vocals too, which added some flair to their songs. Rob Wade is a master on the drum kit, these guys are not slackers, you can tell they have worked their butts off to get where they are. They recently supported Uli Jon Roth and have sailed the seas on 70000 tons of Metal. Touch the Sun has a sound all their own. For me, the highlight was when they performed “Synchronicity II” by The Police. This was an exceptionally done song, I never thought I could hear one covered like that. Just excellent. I hope to watch these guys take off in the world on music, man they deserve it.

Okay, the headliner tonight, is the one I came for. CELESTIAL RUIN. I have watched them play many a time and am always in awe of their talent. But tonight, tonight was above and beyond what I have previously seen, and especially since it has been a year since the last show for them. You wouldn't have known they had been away, other than they came back on stage with a vengeance. Excuse me, but holy crap, I am so happy to have gone and witnessed their show, because not only did they do an awe-inspiring performance, but we got 2 new songs as well. The tracks were titled “Last Chance to Fly” and “Lost my Mind”. and they truly knocked my socks off. Speechless? Yes, I am. The energy tonight from all of them up on stage was so fantastic to watch. Who is in the band, well, I will tell you because you should remember their names, and the band name, because I can see them rocketing onwards and upwards. Larissa Dawn, vocalist extra-ordinaire, wow, I didn't know she had such an amazing vocal range, was fun to watch her with so much energy up there, it was catchy. She just knocked it out of the ballpark, just unparalleled. On bass we have Mike "Dikk” Deganais, he moved around the stage, everywhere, and showing he knew how a bass is to be played and leaving that thundering pounding in your heart. On drums, is Adam Todd, and he kept the heartbeat of the band in time, talented you bet. And if you were there last night, you noticed a different face on stage, his name is Thassana, he plays guitar, and he did an excellent job as well. Everyone tonight was on top of it all, giving us, a whole lot more, and some outstanding memories to take home. Truly, this is a hard review, but I don't think I can really do them justice with my review, I want everyone to know, this is a band NOT to be missed, they are remarkable, superior, first-class. They have a talent of putting their music and their lyrics together to create something exceptional, incredible, giving you that thrill of great music. Now, can I replay their set again and again, I didn't get enough of CELESTIAL RUIN. Remember that name. I hope they don't wait a year to play again, but fans, they will be making a new album this summer, so we can look forward to that. Okay, to top the night off too, they did a cover song of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”, what do I say, I was singing, cheering, and having the time of my life, along with the others in the room. Nothing better than good music, great band, and a well-done cover.

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