NOVEMBER 17th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Great drive down, easy to find the venue. As it just so happens it was the first time covering a show here. Best part of it ... THERE WAS A PHOTO PIT, for all the photographers, kind of nice when you have a brutal band as headliner.

Up first is Gatecreeper, a band I haven't heard of before, they are a Death Metal band out of Arizona. Good band to start the night off with, they played a pretty good set too. Wish the lighting would have been a tad better though to fully experience the band. I was there early, and still couldn't get a spot up front, had to be off to the side. Says it all when the floor is almost full for the opener. Only a few crowd surfers, but a whole lot of headbanging happened.

Next is another new one for me, Power Trip, more of a thrash metal band out of Dallas, Texas. Now these guys have energy coming out of the yin yang, and a small stage to perform on. They really had the crowd going. Great to see fans having a good time while watching the show. Can't tell you what songs they played because having not seen them, I have no idea of what the names are. But an excellent time was had by all.

Okay, I am ready, off to the side though, Cannibal Corpse brings out the animal in most of us. I ended up getting moved around as everyone wanted right up front, side or anywhere close. So, I stood at the door, and banged my head a few times, not anywhere like Corpsegrinder does though. All these years, and he is still master of it. They played an excellent set, they never fail to put on a brutal show. Songs, well I know the names, but you need to go catch them, because you will never forget it. Each of the guys did an amazing job, but they are extremely talented musicians too. The fans went nuts, and I can only say, what a fantastic performance, but after all they are true Death Metal, with extreme songs, pushing all kinds of boundaries. They have been doing this for eons now, and they have nailed their craft to perfection. If you don't know Cannibal Corpse, well let's say that you get ruthless demon vocals, fast blasts on the drums, dark guitar riffs, the heartbeat of the bass, what more do you want. It is exactly as it should be with Death Metal.


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