JANUARY 19th, 2014
Review By: Metal Mom

Cannabis Corpse - Death Metal
Ghoul - Live-Loop Oriented Rock with tons of lasers

CANNABIS CORPSE, who also have members from Municipal Waste/Gwar on board, are a pot themed Richmond, Virginia band who did their recording at bassist/vocalist Land Phil’s own studios in Richmond.

And GHOUL, who have an undying enthusiasm for monsters, mad scientists and serial killers, returned to Earhammer Studios in California.  Then the whole affair was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. As of January 7th this unholy withering 4 track split can now be in your hands.

The artwork was done by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste/Skeletonwich/Toxic Holocaust). Look at the cover and you will see both bands characterized in the work, Cannabis with their weed buds, and surrounded by feet. Along with the masked Ghoul’s riding their monsters on scene.

Cannabis Corpse, if you have seen them live, take pride in their face molesting riffs, and some death metal ironies. It’s also the first to feature lead guitarist Brent Purgason, also known as Pustulus Maximus, who took over the axe role of late Cory Smoot (aka Flattus Maximus) last year.

The masked abnormalities known as Ghoul take on their own realm of gore rituals, and bring to the forefront some true psychotic brain mashing.

These 4 tracks, (12 minutes) 2 by each band, are precise, gory, thrash, weed minded, death metal, hardcore, and well, just put all that into a mixer and you have “Splatterhash”.  A brutal assault on your ear drums. I am personally starting to like these split Cd’s, it gives me a different outlook, 2 distinct bands, with some talent, creating something that is worth the listen. I would have liked to see more songs from each. But I will enjoy this.

Track Listing:
1. The Inhalation Plague (CANNABIS CORPSE)
2. Shatter Their Bongs (CANNABIS CORPSE)
3. Inner Sanctum (GHOUL)
4. Spill Your Guts (GHOUL)