JULY 13th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre: Horror Metal

Label: Bakerteam Records

Location: Italy

First let me tell you who this band consists of, as each and every one of them has put their hard work into it, to create their newest album “Horror Metal” :

Cadaveria - Vocals
Frank Booth - Guitar
Dick Laurent - Guitar
Killer Bob - Bass
Marçelo Santos - Drums

This is the fourth album created by the adept horror metal Cadaveria. I have nothing to compare this album to, because this is another instance where I have not heard of this band before. Maybe that’s a good thing. Lets say this is new for me, an era of horror and darkness. It sounds pretty solid in what they have created. It varies from a slower tempo to a dark faster paced one, all in one song, so there is some variety, its not just all the same thing you expect to hear. And, what makes this band stand out too from a lot of other metal bands, the singer Cadaveria, is a female, not that that surprises me anymore, I have heard some fantastic female vocals in my day. I much prefer her darker more brutal ones, over the clean definitely female ones. The deep growls give the album a more sinister darker side of things. I would like to see more on the next album. Like I say though, both vocals give it much variety. Guitar riffs are ambitious, and drums raw, I enjoyed all 11 tracks on this album.

Here are the tracks to be found on this CD:

1. Flowers in the Fire
2. The Night’s Theatre
3. Death Vision
4. Whispers of Sin
5. Assassin
6. The Days of the After and Behind
7. Apocalypse
8. The Oracle (of the Fog)
9. Requiem
10 This is not the Silence
11. Hypnotic Psychosis

It does have some slower spots in some songs, but after listening to it a few times, I began to enjoy it, because it was different, it was just not all brutal and in your face. It had some melody to enjoy as well. So for me, I enjoyed.