NOVEMBER 21st 2014

Review by YouFO

Band Members:
Heidi Shepherd: Vox
Carla Harvey: Vox
Henry Flury: Guitar
Jason Klein: Bass
Chrissy Warner: Drums

Hometown: LA
Record Label: Century Media Records
Release date: Already out (Sep.30)

Track Listing:
1. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (ZZ top cover)
2. They’re Coming To Take Me Away (Napolean XIV cover)
3. Don’t Give A Fuck (Suicidal Tendencies cover)
4. Crazy Horses (The Osmonds cover)
5. Pussy Whipped (S.O.D. cover)

Newest album, an EP from the Butcher Babies is out already through Century Media Records, and the album is called “Uncovered”.  And it’s different, its actually five cover songs, normally you might find ‘one’ on an album, but they decided to do something different.

Each of the band members chose a track, and in early summer of 2014 they entered the studio with producer Logan Mader (Devildriver, Gojira, 5FDP) to put their own signature to the songs. Now you have to remember these are cover songs, it’s not going to be the same, nor should it. They have not trashed the song, they have re-invented it. How did they pick the songs, they picked ones that they themselves have enjoyed over the years.

First song “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, gets the good old blood flowing, Carla and Heidi vocals repetitively singing the Beer Drinkers Hell Raisers has what it takes to catch your attention right away.

“They’re Coming to Take me Away” is a song I loved singing along to, but again this song captured my attention because of Henry on guitar and Jason on bass, their talent was ever present.

Third song “Don’t Give a Fuck”, this one I can see catching metalheads attention, I think this will be the most popular on the EP, because its brutal, and it can get your heart pumping, especially with the hammering of Chris on drums. This song will destroy.

The fourth song, the Osmond cover, “Crazy Horses”, not too sure if I like this one or not, as I am not a fan of the Osmonds, but it has been reinvented, with Heidi and Carla putting their own stamp on things with their vocals.

Last song Pussy Whipped a S.O.D cover, again stands out on it's own merits. Fast on tempo along with the vocals makes this one another great choice.

Did I enjoy this EP, you bet I did, old songs done to a new style, Butcher Babies style. I can see these songs getting a great reception, especially live. They will crush.