AUGUST 11th 2012

Review By: MetalMom

Genre: Metal/Rock/Hardcore
Formed: 2006
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Band Members:

Davyd Winter Bates - Bass
Mehdi Vismara - Guitars
Daniel Winter Bates - Vocals
Adam Jackson - Drums
Jason Cameron - Clean Vocals/Guitar

I didn’t know what to expect from BURY TOMORROW, again, sorry, I had not heard of them, but I have heard plenty of metal/hardcore bands in my reviewing days, as there seems to be an overload of these bands. Thought I would be listening to the same old thing, it must have been a real challenge to make yourself stand out from others. As many of you know I am not a hardcore fan, but I have to say, I have changed my mind, at least for BURY TOMORROW.

First, looking at the names of the songs, what interesting song titles, but appropriate since they are from the UK and live in a place that still exists with Kings and Queens, so its original, some thought went into this.

1. Redeemer
2. The Maiden
3. Lion Heart
4. Message to the King
5. An Honourable Reign
6. Knight Life
7. Royal Blood
8. Bitemarks
9. Abdication of Power
10. Kingdom
11. 1603
12. Sceptres
13. Vacant Throne
14. A Curse

See what I mean, names that have some royalty to them. This album should be the one for fans and newcomers alike to sit up and take notice. This is only their 2nd album and already they are building a fan base that wants a little more than what is normally heard from this genre. The melodies are rich and aspiring, Jason’s husky vocals are reminiscent of the 80’s rock and then combine that with Dani’s roars and energy you have a perfect duo for BURY TOMORROW. The guitar work is definitely heavy and full of melody, masterfully heard throughout. The drums are there to pull it together with some fantastic drum blasts. Bass is a complimenting feature to be heard as well. Oh, and now for something of a surprise, piano, yes, now don’t let that fool you, its what adds a different dimension to their sound, and its complimenting. Make no mistake this album is filled to the brim with infectious hooks and some pretty major breakdowns.

BURY TOMORROW has taken their first “Portraits” and built on it to create a dark, heavy more focused album. It really has so much more to this CD, and I can actually say that I enjoyed a metalcore album. I have a “Message to the King” , go get yourself a copy of BURY TOMORROW’s newest CD “The Union of Crowns”.