NOVEMBER 21st 2012

Review by Metal Mom

This is their 7th album, and 2nd under the label Metal Blade. This band has always seemed to pushed the limit of style, no holding back. This is also their first concept album of their career. Listening to it you can establish that they have created an intricate, aggressive, and successful album to date. BTBAM doesn’t really fit into an one genre, they take something from many and create with it something that is their own.

Band Members:
Dan Briggs (bass)
Blake Richardson (drums)
Tommy Rogers (vocals/keyboards)
Paul Waggoner (guitar)
Dustie Waring (guitar)

The concept is this: “Separated by millions of light years, two men exist in ignorance of the other yet are intrinsically connected by a shared soul, which ultimately brings them together. Both men exist in isolation, one because he runs away from his life, and the other leaves his dying planet in the hope of creating new life somewhere else, through the planting of souls. As the story progresses you realize they are actually the same person, and at the end of the journey they are responsible for destroying all life as they know it. Reinforcing that humanity is a destructive species, with some kind of innate flaw about us that causes us to destroy everything we touch. Sound familiar, kind of, but based in fiction. Rogers says “the main thing that these characters go through is confusion and isolation, and I think that’s something every person deals with in their lives at some point. As a musician you spend a lot of time with your own thoughts, so despite the science fiction of it all it is still a very personal record.”

Some good song writing here, taking you through the story line. There are 12 tracks on this CD to sit back and enjoy, with some pounding riffs, a few out of control leads, some complex rhythms, along with melody, that all seem to go in different directions, giving you the listener something out of the ordinary. There is over 70 minutes of dynamic music to listen to here, oh and lets not forget the fact there were some different instruments brought in to add some more flavour, like the banjo, mandolin, sitar , saxophone and there’s even a flute solo, making it that much more interesting. At times, it was a little too slow for my liking, but I do like that there must have been a lot of thought and time that went into the making of this album. I enjoyed most of it, and I am pretty sure that the fans of BTBAM will admire the musical talent heard here.

 1. Goodbye to Everything
 2.Astral Body
 3. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
 4. Autumn
 5. Extremophile Elite
 6. Parallax
 7. The Black Box
 8. Telos
 9. Bloom
10. Melting City
11. Silent Flight Parliament
12. Goodbye to Everything Reprise

So you be the judge, go and get yourself your own copy.