OCTOBER 17th 2011

Review by: Metal Mom



Beyond the normal CD, LP, and digital offerings, End Time will also be available in a limited edition box set that includes the CD with six bonus tracks, a 20-page booklet, six custom art flats, a marijuana-scented disc card, and more. Limited to 500 editions. This CD was released on September 27 by Relapse Records.

Who makes up this grindcore/death grind punk spectrum, these noise artists are Kevin Sharp with the raw vocals, Erik Burke that manages to keep up with his guitar riffs, Dan Lilker on bass with the rapid speed along with back up vocals, and the tight overwhelming drum blasts are from Richard Hoak.

Formed in 1990, then disbanded in 1999 only to reform in 2006 and are now still continuing to produce their primal fury of grindcore/hardcore punk. 

A touch on their history - the three second video for "Collateral Damage" received worldwide exposure via MTV, and the tracks "Ill Neglect" and "Walking Corpse" remained staples in the band. BRUTAL TRUTH secured a reputation as one of the hardest touring bands in the underground. In 2001 they were awarded by Guinness Book of Records for having the shortest music video with a total of 2.8 seconds. BRUTAL TRUTH has acquired an audience of metalheads, punkers, grind and underground hardcore fans, art-noise and experimental music enthusiasts.

Their new release “End Time” was recorded at Watchman Studios in Lockport, NY with Doug White. Their are a total of 23 tracks, yes you read right, 23. Most being in the range of 1:25 to 1:56, the shortest song being :45, oh sorry, almost missed this short one of .05 seconds (why bother), and then the longest song, an extremely long song of 15 minutes.

I am sorry, and I mean this truthfully, I don’t like to be negative when I review a CD, but I tried very hard to find something in any of the 23 songs to say something positive about. I couldn’t. To me it sounded like a mess of things thrown together, no real beat to headbang, or get into throwing the horns high. What I did hear, was a lot of anger, and I could see a mosh pit form just for the fact to throw a fist, not high, but in anger. I know there will be lots who disagree, and that’s fine, we shouldn’t all like the same. But remember, this is just my opinion, don’t base your decision on what I say because I am not a fan of this genre. If you are a grindcore/death grind type, well then I am sure you would like this CD.