SEPTEMBER 14th 2014

Review by YouFO

Genre - Stoner/Psych/Doom Rock
Hometown - Wheeling, WV
Release Date - Aug. 5th through Metal Blade

Brimstone Coven has only been around since 2011 with their own unique style of dark occult rock,  from Wheeling West Virginia.

“Big John” Williams – Vocals
Corey Roth – Guitar
Andrew D’Cagna – Bass
Justin Wood – Drums

Aug 5th sees their self-titled full-length and inaugural release for Metal Blade Records being released. The album has a total of 17 electrifying songs,  a combination of their self released full length and EP, along with new mastering, plus vintage art of Creighton Hill.

Are you ready for that old classic sound, well this album has it, hands down. They have nailed it and with their own style. It’s like taking a trip back in time. Everything on this album represents vintage , from the classic drum beats, to having amazingly clear guitar riffs. And pulling it all together is a mysteriously haunting, but psychedelic in its own right - the vocals, a voice that puts the whole puzzle together perfectly.

Brimstone Coven Track Listing:
  1. Cosmic Communion
  2. Behold, the Anunnaki
  3. The Black Door
  4. Blood On The Wall
  5. The Grave
  6. Lord & Master
  7. Vying
  8. The Seance
  9. Hades Hymn
10. The Folly of Faust
11. Intro (Bonus Track)
12. We Are Forever (Bonus Track)
13. The Ancients (Bonus Track)
14. Son of the Morning (Bonus Track)
15. LoSt in the oDyssey (Bonus Track)
16. Children of the Sun (Bonus Track)
17. Outro (Bonus Track)

If you are a fan of Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, then you will enjoy this album immensely. Totally classic rock with a blending of hard rock, a mixture you can’t go wrong with, and they have proved it with this album.

To tell you the truth, I am more a metal fan, so really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this.  Sure, everyone knows the oldies, like Sabbath, etc., but this is fresh, I truly enjoyed listening to all the tracks. Corey Roth started this band, but he obviously knew what he wanted to do, and they have all put their mind to putting out what is a really an outstanding classic. When each executes their sound so perfectly, you can’t go wrong. If you are a metalhead, please, give this a try, it’s not like all the many other oldies, take a chance, you might find yourself listening over and over to this one. This could be a classic all on its own.