AUG 23rd,2011 

Review by: Metal Mom

Well I cant believe it, something that surprised the heck out of me, my taste in music leans towards the more metal style, like the black, death, I just seem to enjoy it much more. So when I received this Cd to listen to, I was kind of thinking , okay, what can I say that will be positive, punk and hardcore, lets say are not my cup of tea . Wrong, well at least for this time. The way this 3 guys have pulled it all together, blew me out of my chair, and I actually can say I enjoyed it. This is the 2nd album with 7 tracks to listen to.

Let me tell you what little I know about the band, BRAINOIL is from California and was formed back in 1998 by Grey, first calling themselves Mr. Brainoil. And classification for them was more doom/sludge, kind of more along the lines of old school punk. And now I would say they are more of metal / sludge/ punk and some hardcore thrown in there, to make their sound complete. You will find that Ira on drums, Nate playing guitar and vocals, and on vocals playing bass is Greg, all 3 bring this CD to perfection. They accomplish this by having some powerful guitar riffs, steady drumming, and some melodic and faster paced songs. The guys have had some experience as they have played previously in other bands such as Destroy and Grimple. Their equipment is more or less a harsh down tuned sound to it. The only thing I would like to see is the vocals being a tiny bit louder, the music seems to take over, but all in all , its an astonishing piece of music.

Don’t just take my word for it, take yourself down to the stores and pick up a copy. This Cd was really a pleasure to review.