AUGUST 30th 2013

Review by Anka

I was pretty excited to review another novice Canadian band until I realized it's just another one of the hundreds of debut "core" releases this year. This time it's in our own yard, I would think this should get extra points from us. Before I sound too dismissive I must explain it just makes a reviewer's job dull to receive so many new albums of the same genre in one year. Of course it’s not the bands fault. But I haven't received a good ol' thrash cd in ages and I miss diversity. This time I'll be thankful for the thrash-core, which is of course just a small drop in the sea of various "core" releases I had to deal with recently, but at least it’s slightly different.
Rant aside, Montreal's BornBroken doesn't sound bad at all. By all means, if this is your kind of metal, you might be delighted. I am very aware of the huge following such bands have, even so, in order to make it to the top I think they need something special to differentiate themselves from other similar bands.  Their album is a debut full-length for the guys and it's called "The Healing Powers of Hate". And I think it's a very good name to describe this album's experience altogether: it's very temperamental, is has enough of the anger-element to produce some sort of healing - actually cathartic - effects on the troubled listener.
Benefiting from pretty good production, the 10 songs pack a big punch. Most of the song intros are kick-ass in the best kind of way, they start out really nicely with good melodic thrash moments but they resolve into breakdowns and screamed vocals that will quickly take away the classic metal sound. The breakdowns are bland though, and besides that, there isn't much to build the songs on, in other words it may come across as quite simplistic. Though there is enough feeling and intensity, the songs lack on the writing side.

Here and there, some riffs and chugs really got my attention, they were pretty catchy and convinced me not to slam the plain song-writing altogether. The good moments didn't last long though. I have often found the flow to be repetitive and… monotone - literally.

Overall, nothing to make a lasting impression. It's not that they are bad, they aren't. It's just that there are too many just like them, and BornBroken need more to get noticed. I see they have some awards of some sort, among them "2nd Best Live Show in Montreal". I don't doubt it at all, just by hearing what they play I can tell their live shows can get pretty insane. Hopefully I’ll get to hear a more interesting follow-up album before I see them live, this way I can at least be sure to fully enjoy the experience.