AUGUST 12th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Daniel Sharp- Vocals
Coby Chatz -Bass
Josh Lording-Guitar
Cameron Eyre - Guitar
Karl Steller - Drums

Hometown - Melbourne,AUS

Record Label - Faction / Sony Music (AUS) and Siege of Amida / Century Media (Rest of the World)

Track Listing:
1. Serpents Crown
2. Spawn Of Agony
3. Mortal Procession
4. Atrophy
5. Desolation
6. Malevolent
7. Ritual
8. The Human Hive
9. Eternal Ruin
10. Eulogy

Well I was surprised, to say the least to hear this style come out of Australia, don’t know what I expected really, but the sound is more of an American style. If you have listened to Boris the Blade, then you can relate it to the deathcore, hardcore , brutal sound most North Americans are familiar with.

In 2011, they debut their EP “Tides of Damnation”, but since this is the first I have heard of them I have no pre conceived notion of what I am getting into here.  That EP marked the beginning of their fast ride to the top of the Australian brutal music scene. It came in at # 1 on the iTunes metal chart, which gave the band the opportunities to go on national tours and support international metal acts. And, this all happened in the first 6 months of them starting up. Says a lot.

After listening a few times to their debut full length, I understand why it is a prime example of why the world's eyes are on the Aussie Death Metal movement. When you see on their facebook page, genre - heavy, that really doesn’t say it all, oh sure its heavy alright, but its brutally heavy, with some major breakdowns, some loud blasts and some relentless heavy assaults on your soul. It’s all good though, especially for those of you who might just enjoy some punishing hardcore/deathcore. It’s full on just that, almost too much. I said almost. This is definitely a kick your ass, punch you in the face kind of album. A lot of you will enjoy.

Just wait, they will be coming to a town near you .  Run, run fast…and get your CD to prepare for what’s coming.