FEBRUARY 14th 2018

Review by Hjeron O'Sidhe
Photos by Peter Ruttan

The most romantically Metal Valentines takes over Vancouver!!!

I arrived just as C.O.C. aka Corrosion of Conformity (if you didn’t know that stop reading now and go sit in the corner in shame) took the stage! WOW! I was transported back to the 90’s in the most amazing of ways!!! Power, professionalism, and potent metal!! Starring long-time and now reunited guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan playing many playing of the classics and setting the vibe of the night into rock god mode!! Vote with a bullet set the place into a frenzy!!!

The BLS cult/tribe/gang was in full effect and full force. I was impressed by the community and dedication of the fans. Like true metal, a true BLS fan is there with a passion and reverence for the band, and there was certainly reason for passion and reverence!!!!

Zakk Wylde is a guitar God!!!

Which should be no surprise! At 21, Wylde was sculpted and raised by Rock Gods as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist starting in 1988. 10 years later and Zakk ventured out on his own with BLS. 20 years later he still holds his magic and power! Rocking Vancouver with class, style and a presence to match any on stage!!!

Starting the night with “Genocide Junkies” and traveling all over the BLS spectrum from there, for two impressive hours of power! Zack proved that he can rock it with the people as much as he can on stage when he travelled out into the crowed and performed a blazing guitar solo ON THE BAR OF THE COMMODORE!!! The fans went wild and were served a full dose of Valentin’s night metal!!!

The journey was amazing, the timing and entertainment was perfect. Zakk rocked the night away towering above the audience with smoke and wind machines blowing his blond locks and dark beard all over like a Viking with his magickal axe at the front of an epic long ship! The hit “fire it up” blew the crowd through the roof and then BLS wrapped up the night with “Stillborn.”

Looking forward to seeing him return with Ozzy and blow us away again!!!
There are others but there are no better! Good music, good Metal, Good fans, goodnight!