SEPTEMBER 15th 2017

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Tour started on September 1st in Philadelphia and it has worked its way along the coast, hit the USA and come up into Canada. Tonight September 15th it hit Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre with a bang.

To start the night off are two of Vancouver’s local talent, AGGRESSION, and ASSIMILATION.  First was Assimilation, forming in 2011, these guys created a unique blend of thrash and old school death metal. Playing various songs from their catalog, but also doing a cover song of Morbid Angel, not sure if I was fussy about the cover, but for their set overall, great performance by all the band. Aggression was next to hit the stage, and these guys have come and gone from the metal scene a couple times since 1985, when the band originally formed. That being said, it is now 2017, and the band has grown stronger than ever, playing shows around the world. The set was tight, and very well executed, keep your eyes peeled for these guys, and don’t miss their next performance in your neighbourhood. 

Up next is the first band from the tour - TOXIC HOLOCAUST, I had to listen in the foyer, as it was just too crowded for me. But I did enjoy what I heard, seems I like thrash mixed with some punk. Who would have thought. But they put on a fantastic show, and the crowd was crazy, filling up the floor of the Rickshaw. Always a good sign.

Okay, I will be honest here, the next band is exactly who I can to see and review. And broken toe or not, I was heading up front to witness GOATWHORE. Need I say more, everyone knows the extent these guys go to to perform the best of their best every time. Last time I got to see them was June 2015, too long ago. But didn't have to worry about what to expect. A great choice of songs, high energy put out by Ben of course, who always interacts with the fans. Zack, who looks like it is no effort to blast those killer drum beats on a hot night, did an amazing job behind the kit. I always say, it is a real fun experience watching band members who are so professional and so talented. We can’t forget Sammy either, great guitar riffs, and some backing vocals through some of the songs. Never fails, these guys, each one of them give 150% and more. The crowds had filled the floor to capacity for them, and they had some crowd surfers, lots of headbangers, following Bens example of how to do those whirlwinds. No matter how many shows they do on a tour, endlessly sometimes, it is always like they are performing for the first night, giving us one hell of a show, one to remember for a long time. Don’t know how you do it guys, but am thankful you put so much into it for us. Can’t wait to see you again.

Next is VENOM INC, and yes, there is a lot of history behind the band, but not going into that here, check it out if you are interested, I just want to review the band, whom I might add, have not seen before. So, a first for me. Sadly, I could only stay for about 3 songs, as my foot was killing me as someone stepped on it. I wish I could have stayed longer, and really what do I need to say, these guys nailed their songs, had the crowd going crazy. I really enjoyed those 3 songs, I still had to stand at the back as everyone in their seats were standing, cheering, singing. Great performance by all three guys.