JUNE 21st 2012
Review by: Richard Steven Hensey

With the new wave of new thrash metal bands we have Blessed Curse from Northern California-a based trio and like many, the band began with humble beginnings as childhood friends forging their love of metal music into their own band. In 2011 the band headed to Trident Studios with producer Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament, Exodus) to lay down their debut full-length album. The result is a fast, packed band with suicidal riffs and melodic, catchy choruses that will have you shouting along like a crazed metalhead.

Blesssed Curse have packed an good amount of quality into this album. Songs like Demon Dance, March of the Wicked, and The Devil’s Mark are sure to have you slamming in the mosh pits but one song i really enjoyed was the slower acoustic instrumental Carpathian Mist and the the brilliant finisher Burn the Beast takes it a step further. Some songs, not surprisingly, follow the same formula but I won't go in a song by song as I promised myself to keep reviews kinda short. Let's just say it's still a solid album, full of solid riffs, great energy and some head pounding guitars throughout.

The album is further packaged with killer artwork from Marc Sasso (Dio, Halford), which folds out into a 16-panel poster foldout. This domestic release also includes a bonus track of Black Sabbath's "Symptom of the Universe", in addition to the album's already 12-song, hour-long running time.

Blessed Curse is sure to hold up just fine in the modern thrash scene to crush, and kill your senses as this reviewer found pure simple melodic thrashing quality metal to add to your collection!

1 Bleeding Cross
2 Hellraisers
3 Demon Dance
4 Slaughtered Like Pigs
5 March Of The Wicked
6 Carpathian Mist (Instrumental)
7 Rise of the Undead
8 Feasting Witch
9 Devil's Mark
10 Something Evil
11 Eternal Hate / Blessed Curse
12 Burn The Beast
13 Symptom Of The Universe