AUG 7th,2011

Review by: Chris

Probably what stands out the most, is how young these guys are. And you can hear that in the vocals on their newest CD. They so far have released the songs, Bury Me, Honest Eyes, Dead Man and That Fire(also a video). Its particularly hard to shove them in any one genre, they have thrash, traditional metal, glam hair metal, pop , and you could probably find more different ones in there as well. But who cares about the genre, its all about whether you like the sound or not.

They have previously participated on Ozzfest/Mayhem Festival/Download, and this year are playing the Uproar Festival in Canada/USA . In fact, when they were suppose to play Ozzfest a few years back, they were taken off because of their age, as the stage Jagermeister is an alcohol sponsored, so they were taken off, but were allowed opening band on main stage in some areas, again impressive opening for the likes of Lordi, Static X, Lamb of God and Ozzy. I imagine that caught a lot of peoples eye.

2008 got them “Best Rookies” and “Metals new Teen Titans”, along with “Band to Watch”, pretty remarkable. Also from “Kerrang”, they received the “Best Newcomer” award. Pretty good for 4 young guys.

The music is a mellow, but yet sometimes with a little more metal sound to it, you could say a Gun n Roses sound , mixed with maybe some Iron Maiden, but definitely more pop sound, and I think that its what will draw the young crowd to these guys. They are very guitar driven, drum blasts are a whats pulling it all together, everything really flows well, vocals, guitar, drums, bass, all melts together, the vocals have a great range , probably because 3 of them all do the vocals. But makes for a great CD. Lets just watch and see where they go from here, so far so good