SEPTEMBER 30th 2011

Review by: Chris 

Release Date - Oct 11
Record Label - Southern Lord

Band Members

Jason Landrian - guitar / vocals (formerly in Cavity)
Rafael Martinez - drums (bass for Acid King/guitarist for Gammera)

Genre - punk/hardcore with some sludge material thrown into the mix

This is the 4th album, and the 2nd release with Southern Lord Records, and has 8 tracks of chaotic sound. It was recorded in 8 days in July at Converge. This CD is partially inspired by famed dangerous treks of English researcher Ernest Shackleton. The entire CD is based on a post apocalyptic trek to a nuclear infested and mutated Antarctica.

The drumming on this album is your typical doom metal style. The guitar riffs are your hardcore punk / sludge form. And the shouting style vocals are your typical abrasive striking pattern.

Now for my thoughts, sorry, but I tried numerous times to listen and get into this, but I just couldn’t. I found it to be messy, kind of like everything was thrown into the song with no real rhythm, you know what I mean, one that you could get into a real head banging experience. Maybe it should have not been done in just 8 days, but taken the time to get that true hardcore/doom/sludge feel . Anything worth doing is worth doing well. This is just my opinion, but if you are a fan, then I am sure you will enjoy.