DECEMBER 31st 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Genre - Black Metal/Heavy Metal
Hometown - New York, NY
Record Label - Relapse Records

Band Members -
Paul Delaney (bass/vocals)
Raeph Glicken (drums/vocals)
Gary Bennett (electric guitar/vocals)
Sos - (electric guitar)

New York-based BLACK ANVIL, have been blowing minds and eardrums since 2007, but their 3rd full-length, "Hail Death" is maybe one of their most massive and memorable albums yet.

The band released their debut Time Insults The Mind in 2008, followed up with Triumvirate in 2010. They never had plans on touring, but couldn't refuse when black metal legends Marduk and Watain all offered to take them on tour. That said, BLACK ANVIL have always forged their own path by chopping down the symbolic trees with their mighty riffs.

Track Listing -
 1. Still Reborn
 2. Redemption Through Blood
 3. Eventide
 4. Seven Stars Unseen
 5. G.N.O.N.
 6. Until The End
 7. My Hate Is Pure
 8. N
 9. Next Level Black
10. Under The Rose (Kiss cover)

The band recorded with J. Robbins of Jawbox, and he was able to capture the furor of Black Anvil, even though J. Robbins is best known for recording punk/post-hardcore acts. What J. Robbins was able to capture was live and organic compared to the tight and compressed, making it much more epic and different from others. Hail Death wasn't an easy album for the band to make, the band members' personal turmoil is reflected in every frantic moment on the album.

When listening to this album, a few times, you will notice that they are just not Black metal, there are a bunch of different genres mixed in, of course giving them that unique sound they have. I am not one for pigeon holing a genre, I don’t care about it, its all about whether I like listening to it or not. It’s dark, dangerous, and gnarled, but hey, that’s probably the reason they excel at what they do. Just don’t play it too loud going down the road, you might scare people. ;) Maybe, while you enjoy this album of 67 minutes, it might at times remind you of Bathory or Hellhammer, but it’s a good thing, especially if you are a true death metal fan. I think what I might have enjoyed the most was the build up in their songs, a little slower start and then it punches you in the face. There is a lot of heavy and black metal in here, I also enjoyed the clean, brutal vocals on this album, something unique. It’s solid.

This album, if you are a true black metal, heavy metal fan, is just what you want.