Jan 28th, 2011


Review by - Metalmom

Blood Magick Necromance is the result of 17 years of chaos. On this CD you will find Helmuth doing the vocals and guitar, Serpenth at bass and backing vocals and Marthyn on drums.

The cover art was done by fetish photographer Helmut Wolech and Joachim Luetke for the magical graphics and cover artwork. This CD was produced at the Abyss Studios just outside Ludvika, Sweden which is owned and operated by record producer/musician Peter Tagtgren, who commented “ I am really looking forward to producing/mixing the new Belphegor album. Its going to be a blast,…you better be prepared.” And truer words were never spoken. This album from the dark lords of Belphegor will temp you to the evil side. This supreme black/death metal art from the underworld is from Salzburg, Austria and has just released their 9th studio album called “Blood Magick Necromance”. Already released in Europe and has hit the charts at #38 in Austria and #97 in Germania, North America has to wait for this personification of evil to hit the stands on February 8th.

This CD is 40 minutes long, with 8 ritualistic songs and its what I would call the most epic and monumental Belphegor CD to date. This is a heavy sounding album with Helmuths guitar riffs that are fearful and with ominous sounds. Serpenths bass devastation fits right into this realm. The drum blasts from Marthyn also impale your senses. Helmuth completes this ritual with his snarls and heretic grunts. Blood Magick Necromance to date is my favourite from Belphegor, with some spoken words, orchestra, chants, choirs, grunts and some haunting echoes to make this their most accomplished masterpiece to date.

Diabolos, Devel, Deofol, Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Demon, Belphegor, they are all one and the same, and if you are listening to Blood Magick Necromance you have just been introduced to the devil. This is a pure dark massacre to your senses.

“Accept it, our world is necessarily haunted by evil, and when the armies of the dead return with their presence to annhilate the living, there will be no better guides while travelling down the fiery road to the endless abyss of Hell than with Belphegor.”