November 18th 2011


Review by: Metal Mom

In 1991 out of Gdansk, Poland rose a band that played an important role in establishing the extreme metal underground - BEHEMOTH.

BEHEMOTH - look it up and it says … “is a mythological beast , the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity.” Behemoth is no mythological beast, you can see/hear them, but extremely large and powerful entity, you can bet they have a real powerful existence.

This 2 disc and 23 tracks includes demos, alternate versions, even some songs never heard before, along with re-recorded songs from their past of traditional black metal. Demonica is packaged in a deluxe embossed slipcase along with a 44 page book, with rare photos and lyrics. Make sure you get your copy of some Behemoth history because it is limited to only 10,000 copies worldwide.

To start with , I love Behemoth, and I looked forward to reviewing this re-release of Demonica. The only problem, can I do it justice. In all honesty I started my metal adventures with Behemoth in 2007, so it was more their latter style that I am use to. Sure I have gone back to their early days and listened, but I am always drawn back to their more recent sounds. So lets see if I can put to words my thoughts on Behemoths newest release.

Let me just say to start that no matter what release comes from these legendary metallers, there is always something to admire about what they create. Whether it’s the old satanic black metal or the newer death/black metal achievements. This is their true beginning, the start of what made them who they are today. This is the truest form of black metal, haunting, raw, with some songs sounding as if the devil himself is breathing over your shoulder. Its powerful, no doubt about it. It took me some listens to really appreciate this old traditional style Behemoth. But it has also shown me how much they have grown and changed, conquering all.

The guitar riffs are melodic with some faster works, there are even some solos. The drumming is dynamic, even when it’s a slower pace its still head banging worthy. There is even an interesting addition, an acoustic guitar. Not something you would expect in a black metal sound. The thundering bass is powerful, but never overbearing. And now for the vocals, Nergals voice has a diverse range, ones we are all familiar with, from the talking to high pitch, then to indistinguishable screechs, just like the old style black metal. I can understand the time and patience it must have taken to collect all the lyrics. The lyrics were done to keep the historical authenticity, so language translations might have a few mistakes.

The pure and simple truth, its amazing. Each and every song on these 2 discs have something that makes you want to listen to it again. No fillers what so ever. Its for the hardcore Behemoth fans, well actually all Behemoth fans will want this, its for all ages. Even me.

I hope that I have done my review well enough that you all want and need to have this new release for Behemoth, its called DEMONICA and it comes out Nov.21, make sure you get your copy. It was a real honour to do this .

Release date is November 21, 2011

Disc 1

1. Of My Worship - 1:35
2. Summoning Of The Ancient Gods - 6:07
3. Arrival - 0:57
4. Dark Triumph - 5:24
5. Monumentum - 1:18
6. Rise Of The Blackstorm Of Evil - 7:02
7. Aggressor - 3:33
8. Goat With A Thousand Young - 3:09
9. Bless Thee For Granting Me Pain - 2:18
10. Cursed Angel Of Doom - 3:09
11. Transylvanian Forest - 3:16

Disc 2

1. From Hornedlands To Lindisfarne - 5:56
2. Thy Winter Kingdom - 5:17
3. Summoning - 4:55
4. Dance Of The Pagan Flames - 3:59
5. Blackvisions Of The Almighty - 4:49
6. Fields Of Haar Meggido - 6:35
7. Deathcrush - 3:19
8. Moonspell Rites - 6:53
9. Blackvisions Of The Almighty - 6:40
10. Pure Evil & Hate - 3:15
11. Oak Between The Snows - 2:29
12. Spellcraft & Heathendom - 3:33