JUNE 23rd,2011  

Review by: Metal Mom 

BEHEMOTH- the meaning in an encyclopedia says a mythological beast, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity, and we all know just how powerful Behemoth is. Online sources translate BEHEMOTH as “Hell calls to Hell”. They have mastered their Magick and brought forth their own Demigod.

I have been a Behemoth fan for a long time, and can never find a bad thing to say about this band who puts all their blood sweat and tears into their art, forsaking their own personal lives. And this latest release “Abyssus Abyssum Invocat” is proof of just that. With the absence of Nergal for awhile, due to his illness, they found a way to remind us that they never ever forget their fans. They remind us that they forever have extreme devotion.

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat is 2 CD’s that are remastered with 2 included bonus tracks,11 live tracks, cover songs, new artwork, and some new liner notes from founder vocalist/guitarist Nergal. The cover design and layout was done by Graal, and amazing photos inside done by Agnieszka Krysiuk.

CD 1 is from 2003 and called Conjuration with a playing time of 41 minutes, which includes 10 tracks and 7 live tracks, originally only having 10 tracks and 29 minutes long. When originally done, band members included Nergal, Havok, Novy and Inferno.

CD 2 is Slaves Shall Serve from 2005 with 8 tracks and 4 live for a total of 31 minutes, compared to 6 tracks and 21 minutes on the old CD. This CD had Nergal, Inferno, Orion and Seth as session guitar.

These 2 CD’s have long ago been sold out, and what masterful thinking to bring them back so we can enjoy, even having the older ones in my collection, I still need to have this newest CD with all the bonuses added in. The live tracks were well recorded and are a great inclusion. There are cover songs , “Welcome to Hell” is a Venom cover, which was done exceedingly well by Nergal. In fact I think I prefer the Behemoth version . Nine Inch Nails cover was “Wish”, and sad to say, I didn’t like the way the music played , although I did like the guitar solo at the end, and sorry, but I didn’t like the vocals on this one, they sounded a little too techno sounding. Also there is a Nefilim cover of “Penetration” , I enjoyed this one. But the cover of a Danzig song, WOW, I am blown away, after listening to “Until you Call on the Dark” like a million times, I have to say, I just cant listen to Danzig’s version anymore, Nergal mastered this one so well, everything musically, vocals came together well and it’s imprinted in my mind. If you have the older CD’s that’s great, but the live songs on these 2 Cds make it worth owning alone.

Behemoth has their very own unique style, and I wont label them into black or death metal, I know how much Nergal doesn’t like being put into a genre. There is an explosive energy, fury, and an electrifying force behind Behemoth. I recommend this Cd as you get 2 masterful CD’s to call your own. It is a great one to get started with if you are not a Behemoth fan, but let me tell you it doesn’t take much to become an avid fan of these mighty titans. This is a band that never disappoints, one to follow for decades.

The “Slaves Shall Serve”, as long as the reign of Behemoth, shall last.