JANUARY 29th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

Yes, I am terribly late with this Cd, and by the cover it looks to be a Christmas one, but after listening to it, truthfully, it could be listened to at any time of the year. Again, another band that I was not familiar with, so had no idea of what to expect. So sat down, got my pen and paper ready, cleared my mind, and gave it a good listen, and more than once too. I really enjoyed it. You will too, don’t let the Christmas cover fool you, anytime is a great time to listen to Arnooooo.

You can tell that Tim Lambesis, who by the way does all the guitar, drums and bass on this album, had a great time doing it. Its basically a spoof on Arnold Schwarzenegger, not to worry though, its pure metal, with a touch of Arnold’s voice thrown in here and there. There are only 3 songs to listen to, “I’m not a Pervert”, “It’s Turbo Time”, and “Who told you you could eat my cookies”. All 3 songs are based from the movie “Jingle All the Way”, and done metal style, with the fast paced tempo, the build ups to the breakdowns, guitar solos in each of the 3 songs, and not too heavy a vocal, so that you can’t sing along with. But whats important too, is each one gives you what you need to have a great mosh or maybe a circle pit.You not going to find fantasy or poetic personal jargon type lyrics here. There’s only forcefully chanted, testosterone driven phrases that the California governor Arnold, would approve.

You need to check this 3 song album out, you are going to enjoy and find yourself smiling at the same time, and if there should be another cd to come out, well “I’ll Be Back” to review it as well.