AUG 23rd,2011 

Review by: Metal Mom 

From the far reaches of France comes a “Reign of Ice” , established in 2006, and has now just released the first full length atmospheric black metal to hit the world shores. The word “Aurvandil” is from Norse mythology and said .. that Aurvandil was a giant who was carried by Thor in a basket across the Elivager ice rivers.

AURVANDIL is from France, and it is Aurvandil who is the one man show behind this band, he is the voice, the guitars, bass and keys, creating his craft. And to bring a thunderous scorn (drums), he brings in a session member - Wiedergaenger.

I am actually at a loss for words to describe it , after listening to the acoustic guitaring, the aggressive drums, the haunting vocals , whether it be a dark forest or a snow covered mountain he evokes, like the cover artwork, this album is outstanding, to say the least. I wish there were more than 9 tracks to enjoy, to relive what might be a true northern, “A Guide to Northern Scapes” adventure. I have never listened to an album that can actually take me to a far off place, a sense of travelling to an earlier time on frozen tundra’s. I have not experienced this before with any other black metal album. Definitely worth the wait from 2006 to 2011 for this release, obviously well put together, didn’t rush into it, thought about what he wanted, captured it, and then put it to a CD. A lot of people might say they wish the vocals were more distinguishable, but the ones Aurvandil put to this are so haunting, great touch, and I think if they had been any different it would have taken away from what he was trying to accomplish. It was really an honour to review this CD. Musically, vocals , this CD has turned out to be a wonderful masterpiece of ancient times, an accomplishment, a true northern experience. Could be the only CD that you need.

You may not have heard of AURVANDIL, but please, pick it up, you are not going to be displeased, you will be “Walking“ as if on “Gylfi‘s journey“.