MAY 26th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Genre - Technical melodic death Metal
Label - Nuclear Blast
Release Date - April 30, 2013

ARSIS formed back in the year 2000 and is an American technical melodic death metal band hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The band originally formed by James Malone and Mike Van Dyne while attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There were many changes over the years with Arsis, including right up until 2012 where guitarist Nick Cordle left the band to join Arch Enemy. And shortly after that, longtime drummer and founding member Mike Van Dyne left Arsis to concentrate on his full time career.

Band Members today are:
James Malone - guitar, vocals
Brandon Ellis - guitar
Noah Martin - bass
Shawn Priest - drums

Arsis to this date has 5 studio albums including their newest Unwelcome, along with 2 EP’s and a compilation.

Where to start, Unwelcome comes off with a righteously tinged black and thrash metal album with some melodic brutality to it, and let’s not forget the touch of technicality they bring to the forefront. This gives Arsis their own distinctive sound, one that’s original and not like others, which I find more appealing.  Vocals are rough and deep but you can still make out the lyrics so that you can belt them out along with James. Guitar riffs are exceptional, well placed, and executed well, the solos, are memorable and not overdone. Drums pace the whole album , blasting right through and giving you the momentum to head bang with a fury. One of the songs I was curious about was “Sunglasses at Night”, I am familiar with the original by Corey Hart, and thought why cover that one when you are so distinctively a death metal band, but after a couple of times, I realized that they did an amazing job of it, again, not trying to sound like the original, but putting their own unique stamp on it. This album starts off and you want more, and the ending leaves you wanting more, so I have to say that they accomplished a great work together as musicians and this team seems to make it what it is, a technical, melodic death metal act of today. They stand on their own, and it’s what I like to see with bands, they don’t just follow what others are doing, or trying to copy the ones that are successful, Arsis stands alone with their sound, and they have created what will make them successful. This is an album for any metalhead to enjoy, doesn’t matter the genre. Take the time to listen, don’t just judge it by any of the previous albums, this one stands alone.

Track Listing:
 1. Unwelcome
 2. Carve My Cross
 3. Handbook for the Recently Deceased
 4. Choking on Sand
 5. Let Me Be the One
 6. Sunglasses at Night
 7. Martyred or Mourning
 8. No One Lies to the Dead
 9. I Share in Shame
10. Scornstar