MAY 24th 2012


 Photo By: Zonia Nabizadeh


Genre: Ancient Melodic Death Metal

Hometown: Mashhad, Iran


Ali Madarshahi Vocals
Morteza Shahrami : Guitars
Saeed Makari : Bass

Record Label: Plastic Head Records & Imortal Media

Arsames is the very first Ancient melodic death metal band from Iran, Arsames was formed in 2002 by Ali Madarshahi ( frontman and first drummer) in Mashhad one of the largest City in Iran. The former members started to create songs and playing them in their rehearsal room at the same time, the result was the following songs:

1. Homo sapiens

2. Cyrus The Great

3. Immortal Identity

4. Adipocere

5. Cyclopia (instrumental)

6. Exile

The name of the band, Arsames, came from the name of one of the kings of Persian empire during the Achaemenid dynasty. The band's lyrical themes include Persian history and mythology, and they describe their music as ancient death metal. Metal music is banned in Iran, so its illegal to play as the government says its considered satanic. So they couldn't release their songs, so they decided to make an official web site to promote the band on the internet and following that they also established a myspace website in 2006. They recorded all the tracks in a home studio and put some of them on their myspace, and then started to promote ... the feed back was great, so many fans joined their myspace to see how death metal sounded in Persia, the fans added a bunch of comments and good vibes to the myspace page. Some magazines from around the world started asking for interview at that time. This gave them lots of good energy for continuing. Arsames has gone through many lineup changes and vocalist and first drummer Ali Madarshahi is the only original member who has remaining.

In 2008 the Metalcamp festival invited underground bands to joined a competition and between thousands of bands, Arsames won to play Metalcamp.

2009 they played Unirock Open Air Festival in Turkey along with famous acts like: Amon Amarth , Arch enemy , Kreator ….they addressed Arsames as Iron Maiden and death of Iran. The last day of the festival they opened the stage for Amon Amarth. Arsames later that night had an interview with metalhammer that was published in Metalhammer Magazine.
They also played in the Dorock bar in Istanbul, Turkey. A few days later after they came back to Iran they found a large number of Turkish fans had joined Arsames websites.

2010 they were invited to be the headliner and play at Metal Asylum in Dubai. Arsames released their first signed album, Immortal Identity, containing eight tracks. Also they were invited and played as headlining act in a huge metal festival in India Sikkim.

In July 2011, Arsames announce that they will release a cover EP, entitled Persian Death Metal Tribute to Warriors of Metal, through the summer of 2011. ARSAMES has released a new video for “Immortal Identity” on September 2. The video was directed by Sorena Afkham o Shoara, and was produced by Ali Madarshahi.

And in 2012 Arsames has played at metal mayhem festival in march with Napalm Death. They are currently working on a new album for late 2012, it will be a different metal sound, with some new riffs and melodies coming from a more Persian traditional music, and this has never been played or heard before. New Album will be based on the epic stories of Persian: Šahnameh, "The Book of Kings", its a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c.977 and 1010 AD and is the national epic of Iran and related societies.