NOVEMBER 21st 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Track Listing:
1. Arkona: Klucz Do Istnienia
2. Illness: Zaraza


Genre: Slavic Pagan\Folk Metal band
Hometown: Perzow,Poland
Record Label: Napalm Records  

Arkona has definitely made a name for themselves around the world. It stems from their range of talent, incorporating blast beats, double bass, brutal riffage, along with clean vocals and some growls, ballads, heavy folk songs that has caught the ear of many.

So sit back and enjoy some talent. Don’t let the start fool you, wonderful nature sounds, to lull you into a sense of peacefulness, then you will sit up and take notice, it changes, to an accelerated black metal with powerful screams, what I also enjoy here is the bass, you can actually distinguish it, which doesn’t happen often.

band members:
Gulnar:  saws, axe, screams of madness, necropulse, injections
Carrion:  axe, bones, injections
Aro: (session) axe, saws
Nerexo: (session) death hammers

Genre: Black Schizophrenic Metal
Hometown: Bergen, Norway/Gdynia, Poland
Record Label: Paranoic Abyss Prod

Illness is a band out of Norway, and Poland and with a black metal sound, you can’t go wrong. They are dark, with mournful screams, blast beats, piano notes, kick ass drumming, with a lot of atmosphere. The lyrics are in Polish and Zaraza means Plague. This is raw, as it should be with black metal. Anguished screams, brutal drum blasts, great guitar riffs, all mixed together that it is almost melodramatic, a new look into the realm of black metal. I like it.

This truly is a fine example of two bands coming together to give the audience a great listen. Never would have thought that. What a nice surprise.  It truly is something for everyone, so everyone needs to grab this split and enjoy to the max.