SEPTEMBER 18th 2013

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

To be honest I lost track of Annihilator after the Alice in Hell and Never, Neverland records. The albums that came after were for the most part mixed bags at best; the revolving door of singers and musicians was too confusing and didn’t help keep my interest. ‘The band’ became more like a ‘project’ or at least it felt that way. Granted there were some good records in the years that came but nothing that really came close to the first two classic records.

Guitarist and founding member Jeff Waters has found a formidable singer in Dave Padden who he has recorded several records with. Padden is featured on the new album Feast. Feast is the most well rounded album that Annihilator has issued since 2001s Carnival Diablos though I must admit that the 2010 Annihilator record was a step in the right direction.

The standout tracks on Feast are; “Deadlock” which is an all out thrasher and the best track on the album, “Fight the World,” and “One Falls, Two Rise” finds Waters cutting loose and delivering two of the most brilliant guitar performances of his career. The only black eye on Feast is the forced and contrived ballad “Perfect Angel Eyes” which the title alone has you tasting a little bile in your mouth. So in short; on album #14 Annihilator proves that there’s still gas left in the tank after all these years.