FEBRUARY 12th 2013
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Well its time to head down to Scrape Records in Vancouver to cover the acoustic show with Ancient VVisdom, the same day as the Enslaved show at the Biltmore. Saw them play last night in Seattle, WA and they put on a fantastic show, not acoustic, but all out occult rockers.  So I am a little hesitant to catch this one. I have never been a fan of acoustics, I have been to a few and didn’t enjoy any of them. Got there just before the show started, so that gave me a chance to check out the greatest Metal shop for CD’s/clothing/vinyl’s/tickets here in Vancouver, BC,  SCRAPE RECORDS (scrape records.com).

For those who may not know who Ancient VVisdom are, they derive from the obscure corners of Texas. Normally there are 5 (Nathan-vocals, Ribs-acoustic guitar, Michael-electric guitar, TA-bass, Mitchel-drums), who annihilate the crowds, but today there are three who will take us on a hypnotic state with rich undertones, yet, all the band members appeared to support their fellow band mates. Nathan, Ribs and Michael played for about 20-25 minutes. The songs mostly contained newer tracks from their latest record, “Deathlike”, however, they did play one or two older tracks as well.

Acoustic meaning, a musical instrument whose sound is not electrically enhanced or modified, and vocals not using a microphone. This is quite an ability to be able to sing and play your songs without all the electric sounds. Such talent when you can sing, and play just the acoustic guitars with such competence. I was thoroughly impressed.

Did I enjoy this acoustic show? I have to say, that this acoustic show by Ancient VVisdom has given me a new outlook on this type of show. I truly enjoyed both the acoustic and live shows. If you ever get the chance to witness their performance, please its not one to be missed.