APRIL 3rd 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Well The Invisible Orange brought us another great show to the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver last night (April 3), may not be the best area of Vancouver, not far from the tourist area of Gastown, the cruise ships, and it may be the worst of the worst areas of Vancouver, but the shows at the Rickshaw are amazing, some pretty great shows have come to this venue.

Starting off the show is a band called THE WANING LIGHT, haven’t heard of them, they are a Vancouver-based progressive hardcore band. They played a good set, a little too brutal in the vocals, but look around the floor and people were enjoying the low growls. For me, I personally enjoy more of a range. Good performance though.

GROSS MISCONDUCT is a Progressive death metal band from Vancouver, and I have seen this band many a time. What I forget though, is how much I enjoy their music. They can combine equal parts calculated aggression, harmony-laden structures and some pretty unique song writing. They pretty much have a style all their own, a little thrash, some amazing classic melody (a must for me), and a touch of grind in there, can’t go wrong with that combination. I think too what I really enjoyed, was the fact that at one point, the guitarist looked and smiled, and I thought, well you won’t remember me, so I turned around, and here was a grandma standing there, smiling away. I asked if that was her son, but she says no that is my grandson up there, so I immediately pulled her up front to let her enjoy watching her grandson and friends play a phenomenal set, and she was moving to the beat. So supportive, I love that. The band has been doing this for a while now, and it shows, just watch them play, watch the determination of playing an excellent set for the crowd. I hope they open again soon for another band, would love to see them.

SWALLOW THE SUN, everyone knows this name. I have only seen them once before, but it was great to see them again, and to give some real atmospheric sound to the night. This is a band, that you sway to, not really a moshing band, you stand and enjoy the extreme sound like you are in a trance. It is a band that commands attention, the lighting was great, making it even more of an ambient surrounding, making you listen, to pay attention and grasp what they are singing about and to enjoy the perfection they put out. This was an excellent set, and perfect lead up to the band that was next.

Next you say, yes, the final band tonight, the Finnish melodic death/doom metal band from Finland. AMORPHIS. Back in 1990 the founding members Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen came together to create something that people would get hooked on. Yes, they are like a drug, once you listen, you can’t turn away, they hold onto you and don’t let go. They originally front on the rail, not until they finished their last song, despite crazy moshers. Wow, they were just so amazing, you can tell they have a passion for what they do, and it comes through loud and clear. You know I can’t single out any band member that outshone any of the others, these guys all did a magnificent job, each demonstrating the ability to play and create a show that we were all enthralled with. Terrific riffs, solos, melody, and drums that were the heartbeat, keyboards giving some fine elements to Amorphis, but the vocals, well that my friends, was the puzzle that fit perfectly to make it complete, Tomi has an amazing voice, and range, and it kept me watching him, he also had a really unique microphone. All in all, I could have stayed even longer and enjoyed their set even more, yes, they came back for a couple more songs, but it just wasn’t long enough. The last song of the night “Black Winter Day” was an extra special moment for the crowd as Mikko from Swallow the Sun joined Tomi on stage. Great finish to the night. What an exemplary set, perfection at its best. I will say this, I probably haven’t truly given you the exact idea of just how damned good they were. I am pretty fussy when it comes to the music I enjoy, and AMORPHIS is a band that is in my top 5 now. Thank you for making the trip to Vancouver, to give us something so incredible, unbelievable, extraordinary, exceptional, I think you got it, it was fantastic. Hope the experience for the band was a good one, and they find they want to come back, I will be standing right up front again.  started as a death metal band, and since have become so much more, they evolved into a band that brought in some other genres, creating a niche all their own, including progressive, folk and heavy metal. The crowd went nuts when they came on stage one by one, and when Tomi, the final member, the final piece to the band came on stage, there were some pretty loud cheers happening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, this was my first time seeing them, or even listening to Amorphis. But once they started, there was no way I was leaving my spot up