AUGUST 20th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Genre: Melodic Death Metal and damn good
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Record Label: Metal Blade

Vocals - Johan Hegg
Bass - Ted Lundström
Guitar - Johan Söderberg
Guitar - Olavi Mikkonen
Drums - Fredrik Andersson

Well, I was expecting the same metal sounds on this 9th album as like previous ones, but there are some changes to be heard. I don’t know what it is with Amon Amarth, but I know if it had sounded the same, I would have enjoyed it just as much. These guys have been around for awhile, over 20 years in fact, and I can safely say that this is the only band that I know of, that can sound similar on each album, and the fans still go crazy for it. Obviously a great sound, and a true fan base.

We all know what they are capable of, the strong, intense and thorough, and it’s exactly what you get on “Deceiver of the Gods”. Also on this album is Messiah Marcolin (ex Candlemass) doing guest vocals on “Hel”.  Andy Sneap (Cathedral, Arch Enemy, and Cradle Of Filth) did the mixing, mastering and was the producer for this album. The artwork was done by Tom Thiel. And in our country it debuted at # 9 on the Canadian Album Charts.

Track Listing:
 1. Deceiver of the Gods  
 2. As Loke Falls
 3. Father of the Wolf
 4. Shape Shifter
 5. Under Siege
 6. Blood Eagle
 7. We Shall Destroy
 8. Hel (featuring Messiah Marcolin)  
 9. Coming of the Tide
10. Warriors of the North

After you have listened to this a couple of times (or more), you know you have an Amon Amarth album in your hands, for me, it was a good listen, for once, I didn’t flip around through the songs, finding the one I wanted to listen to. I found I was listening to each and every one, from the advancing thrash to the anguished finale. Oh sure there are some songs, that you think, oh that’s from aother song, but isn’t that what we have come to expect from our mighty Vikings. Of course, but it also has some variety to make it a bit more frenzied. They let loose some brutal enslaving melodies with thrash that happens to sneak in once in awhile, to that old school metal that we know they are capable of executing to perfection. This album carries NO filler. I especially liked the song “Hel” with guest vocalist Messiah Marcolin, the way they made this come together. Phenomenal. Although at first I wasn’t too sure about it, but the more I listened, the more I enjoyed the difference between the two vocalists, and the way they pulled it off. Like Loke, the Norse God a lot of you will think it’s good, some will think it’s not so good. But this album has some animosity and might be just a little more treacherous. Personally I think they have succeeded in making this the “best of the best” for Amon Amarth, it held my interest and I still keep going back for more. Isn’t that what you want out of an album.

The Old Norse Vikings were seafaring and who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas….this is not AMON AMARTH, well maybe a little, raided - well they do travel the world to conquer with their music, explore - they did just that with this album, with some new riffs and sounds, but settle, that they don’t do, they move on and bring us the best they have to offer. And this album is exactly that, the best of AMON AMARTH.