MAY 13th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

This tour with SOULFLY and NILE started off in Louisville, Kentucky on April 17th and is now close to ending in Houston, Texas on May 24th. Sure hope you got the chance to see this one, because it was a rager. Pure Metal for the fans.

This is Nile’s last round of touring in support of "What Should Not be Unearthed", and what more could you ask for, songs that haven't been heard for a while, songs of course from their new album, and some in between. Nile hits the stage with lots of cheers and anxious fans to get the night started. Last time I reviewed these guys was back in 2017 at the El Corazon. Sometimes you forget just how good a band is when you don’t see them very often, and you review so many shows. Let me just say this, a whole lot better show at Studio Seven, better lighting, sound was great, and a photo pit, which gave me room to be right up front to get the full metal impact. What can I really say, these guys always put on an excellent show, they put their heart and soul into what they do. It’s cool to watch them pull it all together and kick major ass, everyone was enthusiastic, how could you not. Karl, who changes up guitars has some amazing riffs he cranks out, and he truly enjoyed himself, you could see and hear it. Brad on vocals sounded deep and dark and pure metal, while George blasted those drums keeping the sound all together. Brian on guitar also blended the whole package together alongside his vocals, giving their fans something to remember and take home. Just an amazing set. Everyone tonight, including Nile themselves, looked happy to be there, enjoying the music and interactions. You can’t go wrong with Egyptian inspired lyrics, speed and exceptional talent mixed with extreme precision and clarity, great sound.

Up next, legendary SOULFLY, a household name at this point. Everyone knows Soulfly, after all, just think of the nonstop touring they do, and I mean endlessly touring around the world. They know how to keep their name alive and have everyone talking about them. Their home is pretty much on that tour bus, and I for one, really appreciate all that they do. It is amazing that not once have I even seen them look tired, they give 150% of full on energy every time. They are flawless in what they do up there. You can tell the crowd goes crazy for them, the energy between the two is exciting to watch. Many songs were played to everyone’s enjoyment, just looking around the room, people were singing, people had horns up, and of course the mosh pit, which I was far from, since it looked brutal at times. I think the cutest thing I have seen in a while, was the two kids in front of me, maybe 8 and 12, and the smallest one was giving it her all, horns just thrown high and moving, while the older one, had her head down with eyes closed. Great to see the younger generations enjoying the music/band as well, keeping the spirit of metal alive for another generation of fans. Soulfly, a band that truly gives to their fans, year round, even living on a tour bus versus their homes, but they do it effortlessly, and enjoy every second of it for us all. There are only a few dates left, so if you can, get out there and have a great memorable night.

Dates left:

05/19 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
05/20 El Rey Theater - Albuquerque, NM
05/22 Trees - Dallas, TX
05/23 Rock Box - San Antonio, TX
05/24 White Oak Music Hall - Houston, TX