JUNE 2nd 2012

Review by:
Metal Mom

Record Label - Metal Blade Records

Release Date - May 8th, 2012

Allegaeon - pronounced (uh-lee-juhn)

Back in 2008 this band was formed by founding member Ryan Glisan (guitarist). Soon joining in was classical trained guitarist Greg Burgess, and to finish it off, Ezra Haynes (vocals) and Corey Archuleta on bass, who have come to be known as the Colorado Kings of Melodic Metal. And I can tell you right here, this name fits them perfectly.

In January of this year the band travelled down to California to enter Lambesis Studios with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Impending Doom, Carnifex and Winds of Plague) to begin work on ALLEGAEON’s 2nd album.

There are 10 incredible tracks on this CD:

1. Behold (God I Am)
2. Tartessos_The Hidden
3. A Path Disclosed
4. Iconic Images
5. Twelve
6. The Azrael Trigger
7. From The Stars Death Came
8. Timeline Dissonance
9. Formshifter
10. Secrets of the Sequence

Now where do I begin to tell you that this is a must have, I don’t know if I can actually do this album justice. That’s how extremely well its been done. I will do my best, but please, go out and get this album.

This was a nice surprise to get “Formshifter” to review. So I sat down and put the songs on and started listening, and lets say there are some real brutal riffs to be heard, and whats so great about that, well these riffs are complex but at the same time have a

propulsive rhythmic feel, you want to move in other words. So right off the bat, they have caught my attention. The vocals are low and throaty, and just the perfect mixture to compliment the thought provoking lyrics. The bass, yes, its heard too and a welcome sound. The drums are always the backbone of any band, but what I enjoyed the most was it was intense and never the same. Some drummers have the same beat for most of the songs. You are not going to find that here. This album is so well put together, its as if they have been together for 20 years or more to have perfected their sound this well. I kept waiting to hit the skip button, figuring it cant be this good the whole way through. No filler at all on this one. It goes beyond the limits, to have such variety and melody, such talent has shown itself. I personally enjoyed this from start to finish, and I highly recommend that you get out and get yourself a copy of ALLEGAEON’s “Formshifter”. I just don’t know if I did it the justice it deserved. All I know….I haven’t stopped listening.