AUG 13th,2011

Review by: Metal Mom


Do you like music that is filled with black/death metal anthems, maybe some hardcore sonic warfare, with a little punk and thrash thrown in the mix. Simply put - pure scorn. Then I am guessing you are going to like this newest CD that I am reviewing. You can obviously tell by the name, its an angry band, so prepare to be pulverized.

Its their 2nd release , to come out Aug 16 at a bunker near you. ALL PIGS MUST DIE consists of Kevin Baker on vocals (The Hope Conspiracy), Ben Koller on drums (Converge), Adam Wentworth with powerful riffs on guitar (Bloodhorse), and thundering on bass is Matt Woods (Bloodhorse). All on a path of destruction, and wanting to take you with them. “God is War” is 8 tracks of punishing hatred, that’s the best way to describe these guys, not metal, thrash, oh sure, that’s there you can hear it, but throughout this whole CD you are going to be hearing just pure and simple hostility. Kevin’s vocals are angry as hell but definitely with a touch of brutality to them.

What I like the most I guess is that they are not the high pitched screaming punk/thrash vocals, still a touch of vicious raw growls. And the eruption of drum blasts from Ben are extreme hardcore. Guitar in the dictionary is described as “a stringed musical instrument with a long, fretted neck, a flat, somewhat violin like body, and typically six strings, which are plucked with the fingers or with a plectrum“. Lets just say this wording ,is like describing something gentle, I don’t think Adam knows the meaning of that version, there is none of that on this album, its all varied, diverse and very powerful riffs. And Matt brings in the bass to bring about total uprising on their CD.

I cant seem to put this CD into one genre, unless we make a new one, pure and simple HATE genre. You can feel it through all 8 tracks. I am still not sure if I enjoyed it, some parts I did, other parts reminded me a lot of Slayer, and I am not sure if I could enjoy such relentless raw hate and hostility throughout the whole CD. Listening to such music makes me angry by the time I hit the end. But I know there are so many out there that love this type of music, that I am sure it will go over well. So for those I say grab this album and get your 20mg dose of pure mayhem.