JANUARY 14th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

Genre: Technical Death Metal


Marko - drums
Dario - bass
Jasenko - guitars
Adnan - guitars / vocals

Hometown: Tuzla


1. Septic Mind 2. Vultures 3. Deliverance

First, some history:

Risen from the ashes of Path Beyond Serenity (melodic death metal). AFTER OBLIVION came to being in 2007. Melody was dumped for more powerful and sharp sound. The band has purposely embraced Schuldiners legacy, especially their latest works, using it to create their own sound.

Adnan, the driving force and sole member at the time, recorded a debut 4 track demo called The Carnal Form which was a split with Brazilian “No Blest”. This demo had high aggressive rhythm work, along with his high pitched growls as his comfort zone.

2009 brought in a full line up, allowing them to perform live and reach out to a wider audience.

2010 the band recorded 8 tracks, 3 which were chosen for demo in 2011.

2011 is their EP Vultures, and what struck me first was the vocals, they sounded very similar to Dani of Cradle of Filth, who has a very distinct voice. This EP is short, being only 3 songs. And there are some catchy leads and riffs, great complex drumming, and powerful vocals. The 3 songs were done well, except for one thing, there is that steady nagging drum beat to be heard, in all 3 songs. If that wasn’t there, I would totally enjoy all the songs. But it happens to catch my attention and then that’s all I hear. So it took quite a few listens to actually hear what this was all about. Everything else was fantastic.